Fleet Management System (FMS)

Fleet Management System (FMS)

Fleet Management System is a system to manage

  • commercial vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, bus, vans and construction machinery and heavy equipment)
  • private vehicles for work
  • aviation equipments like air planes and helicopters
  • ships
  • motorcycles
  • rail cars
  • recreational vehicles (rv and atv)
  • snow vehicles (snowmobiles and snowcat)

Fleet management has multiple modules, like vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, speed management, driver management, fuel management, vehicle inspections and health and safety management.

Fleet Management allows companies to minimize risks associated with vehicle investment, productivity, improving efficiency and reducing costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation (care and safety) and many more.

Uni-link.com Fleet Management System features are:

Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle Profiles
  • Vehicle Quick Search (meta tags)
  • VIN search
  • Archived Vehicles - after disposal
  • Vehicle Document Management (receipts, warranty, etc)
  • Vehicle Photos +uploading
  • Vehicle Comments
  • Trailer / Link Vehicles
  • Auxiliary Meters
  • Vehicle Key Locations
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Renewal Reminders (tags, license, insurance, permits)
  • Accident Management and Documentation
  • Police Incident, Theft, Vandal, Towing and Traffic Violations Management
  • Vehicle Transfers and Assignments
  • Job Status
  • Billing (Internal or External)
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Manage Depreciation
  • OPTIONAL: Bar code integration
  • OPTIONAL: GPS tracking integration

Fleet Maintenance

  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) scheduling
  • Tire Management
  • Emission and CO2 Management
  • Service Reminders
  • Issue Reminders
  • Service Entries (service, expenses, receipts)
  • Damage Report
  • Repair tracking
  • Work Orders
  • Job Status
  • Labor Summary (tech, engineer, etc)
  • Parts Usage
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance History
  • Invoice and Receipt Storage
  • Purchase Orders (parts and work)

Manage Drivers

  • Driver Scheduling
  • Employee Profiles
  • Driver Renewals
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Driver certifications and trainings
  • Driver Document Photos

Management Reports

  • Real-time cost per vehicle
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Dashboard
  • Issue resolution
  • Log tracker


  • Vehicle
  • Branch
  • Personnel (Driver, Tech, Engineer, Etc)
  • Trailers and other link units

Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Services, Software, Hardware, Networking, Call Center, Tech Support, Data Center, Staffing, etc.


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