Banking and Financial IT Services

Banking and Financial IT Services

Banking and Financial IT Services

Our IT consultants have designed and developed Banking and Financial Services to the biggest global investment banks in the world with assets under management of several trillions of dollars combined.

Our senior IT consultants have worked for major Investment Banks like Bank of New York, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and ING Investment in New York City.

Some examples of their work are:

Artificial Intelligence: Design artificial intelligence to identify and report any red flag criteria that might be of high risk category

Big Data Analysis: Analyzed and worked with data from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq Stock Market going through hundreds of millions of stock market trade transactions per day to data mine, and utilize the trade data for internal use of the Investment Bank. This data-mining covers compliance use and trade monitoring.

Bond Trading: Bond Trading system to monitor and report daily multi-billion dollar bond trade transactions

Client Billing Systems: Client billing and reporting system

Compliance Systems: Compliance Reporting, Employee Trade Request, Employee Trade Notification, Employee Trade confirmation, Blue Sheets for Regulatory Filing & Reporting, Blue Sheet Requests and Blue Sheet Submissions

Data Modeling Systems: SSAS cubes using design principles like dimensions, facts, star schema, hierarchies, dimension relationships, etc.

Fund of Funds Systems:
- ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) between accounting, portfolio management and auditing systems
- Complex MDX to extract (data mine) business intelligence out of the cube for statistical, Sharpe Ratio, Volatility calculations
- Hedge fund accounting application, trade work flow management, like position maintenance, calculation of management fees and document management
- Hedge Fund investment tracking application
- Multi Tracking Performance System

Integration Systems: Integration of financial products and services like Paladyne Systems, Advent's Geneva, Charles River IMS. Reference and pricing products like Bloomberg, Ameritrade, etc.

Portfolio Tracking Systems: Portfolio Position Tracking, Index Calculation

Risks Management Applications: Risk Rating, Credit Risk Rating, Risk Analysis, Initial Risk Rating, Collateral Risk Management, Collateral (cash) Risk (exposure), Risk Management Information system, Distress Account application

Trading Systems: Price Portal Hub for securities lending, trade and risk reports

Analytical Systems:
- A framework to support the integrated approach to risk management. This covers a comprehensive solution for mapping, assessing, managing, and reporting on all risk categories
- Transparent trade work flow management, like position maintenance, calculation of management fees and document management

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Our senior consultants have worked with global fortune 500 companies, worth billions of dollars. Managed data centers with 1300+ servers for global banking and financial operations. Created a 100+ million credit card transaction per month processing system for a global retailing corporation. Our senior staff have decades of IT experience developing leading edge solutions and enterprise quality applications and systems.

Our combined senior staff of 10 has close to 200 years of IT experience. To put that into perspective, we have maintained thousands of servers that are accessed around the world, supported hundreds of thousands of users, created hundreds of applications that were customized to support the needs of users and businesses.

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