Software Architect

Software Architect

Software Architect

A Software architect designs software applications by breaking software into its various software components / modules and defining the component interfaces and methods of communication.

Software application architecture is a process of defining a structured solution that meets the technical and operational requirements like performance, security, and manageability.

A software architect also makes high-level design choices and mandates technical standards, including software coding standards, language, tools, and platforms.

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Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Services, Software, Hardware, Networking, Call Center, Tech Support, Data Center, Staffing, etc.


Our senior consultants have worked with global fortune 500 companies, worth billions of dollars. Managed data centers with 1300+ servers for global banking and financial operations. Created a 100+ million credit card transaction per month processing system for a global retailing corporation. Our senior staff have decades of IT experience developing leading edge solutions and enterprise quality applications and systems.

Our combined senior staff of 10 has close to 200 years of IT experience. To put that into perspective, we have maintained thousands of servers that are accessed around the world, supported hundreds of thousands of users, created hundreds of applications that were customized to support the needs of users and businesses.

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